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DİA Holding - in order to minimize or completely eliminate any damages to the employees, third parties, the company assets and the environment, which may arise during the general construction activities - acts in compliance with the international ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and the legal requirements of the country where the activities are carried out, according to the following principles; and - as the DİA top management – it accepts and undertakes to practice and ensure the practice of these principles, through the participation of all our personnel in our fields of activity, aiming for continuous improvement:
As a consequence of our policy, we, as DİA Holding, hold all our activities we will exercise for Human Health and Safety and the Environment as our prestigious objectives of top priority. Our principle on this issue is “MEN and ENVIRONMENT FIRST”.

Quality Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

DİA Holding, which is Shakhriyar Mamedyarov’s sponsor, emerges especially in Azerbaijan in the area of social responsibility. Mamedyarov, born in 1985, has been the winner of many games by the support of DİA Holding. Mamedyarov, ranking first in the World Youth Chess Contest in 2003,has demonstrated an outstanding performance by a score of 2953. Mamedyarov’s achievements are as follows:


  • Baku Flame Towers<br/> Project
  • Heydar Aliyev <br />Center Project
  • Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project
  • Mersin Integrated Healthcare
  • Sağlık<br>Bakanlığı
  • Shahdag Tourism Complex Project <br />(1st phase)
  • Shahdag Tourism Complex Project <br />(2st phase)
  • Baku Premium Villas Project
  • State Coast Facilities
  • Bilgeh Estate Project(1st phase)
  • Bilgeh Estate Project(2st phase)