Shahdag Zirve Hotel Opening

Located at the skirts of the Mount Shahdagh in the Gusar district of Azerbaijan near the northern border, Shahdag Summer-Winter Tourism Complex was built in one of the most beautiful spots in the whole Caucasus. Manufacturing of the 1st Phase of the complex has been completed except for the Resort Hotel and it was inaugurated by the President İlham Aliyev and his wife Mehriban Aliyeva.

Aliyev couple watched the land from the terrace of Zirve Hotel and examined the works that were done. Later, Mr. Aliyev went to the conference room of the hotel and was informed about the training of the personnel. After visiting the VIP suit, Mr. Aliyev went to the medical center of the hotel.

After finally visiting the store where materials and equipment necessary for winter sports are sold and rented, President İlham Aliyev and his wife stated that they were pleased with the atmosphere created at the complex and then they left Gusar.


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